Last week, I was chatting with Bryan Mathers, who I've commissioned to design some logos and imagery for Hack Education. He asked if I thought that most of my readers understood the pigeon references. I said "no." In some ways, it's a joke that is just for me and the handful of people who did happen to read my explanation back in 2014 when I switched from using a gargoyle to using a pigeon as the "theme," if you will, of the site.

But I should give more of a shit about branding. I mean, hell, if I'm paying for Bryan to draw me some pigeons, I should probably explain the thing again and again.

So today, I added a link to "The Pigeons of Ed-Tech" article on the main landing page of Hack Education. And I created this subdomain where I can add some more pigeon-related content.

Audrey Watters


The Pigeons of Education Technology

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